Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Design Plan for Photo Essay

Design Plan:
• Define your audience and the context of your  presentation in class
• AUDIENCE: The audience would be students but could also include astrophysics and environmentalists. These audience members are interested because it is a class project, is related to exoplanets, and for the environmentalists it shows the condition of the earth as it is now. This would be provocative because it will establish if humans will actually have to move from earth in the future or if we can save the planet we have. This essay is going to be through a PowerPoint.
• Define your anticipated expectations for evaluation of your assignment after reviewing our assignment description
• I will look back to my purpose statement and decide if my essay fulfills what I was trying to accomplish. I will look into the pictures and see if they depict aspects of earth that humans need to survive and if the captions provoke thought in the readers without explanation from myself.
• Define your own argument that your essay must develop
• ARGUMENT: The aspects of earth humans take for granted need to be seen on exoplanets before the exodus of earth can even begin to be thought of.
• State what you want your audience to do with your argument
• I want them to know that these aspects of earth are needed and that they should not be taken for granted any longer. I want them to know people need to take care of the earth or there will be problems to come.
• ANTICIPATED NEEDS: I am not sure people will understand the matter at hand and what it has to do with exoplanets. I am also not sure if I can get people to see the artistic value of my pictures and see the beauty humans ignore in everyday life.
• Strategy – I intend on using logos because exoplanets are facts and there is a factual basis to the possibility of needing to evacuate earth in order for the human race to survive.
• PURPOSE: The point of this essay is the show people what they need for life, though they take it for granted. I want people to think about their lives and how they can see the beauty of earth. I want them to see the necessity of these elements and what it would mean if we no longer had this planet and were forced to go off into space to find an earth-like exoplanet.
• CONTEXT: The context of this would be on a blog posted for my classmates to see and analyze themselves. Because it is on a blog, people from anywhere can also see it and would be looking at it with interest derived from exoplanets.

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