Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Responsibilities when Communicating

I feel everyone has a responsibility to one another when communicating in general. I feel the responsibility is to have a clear intent on what the purpose of communicating is. I have had people who just tell me something for what seems like no reason, and I know I have been guilty of this as well. I attempt to have a purpose with what I tell people and it usually is so they can get to know me and/or trust me in a sense.

I think in blogging specifically people have a responsibility to not just blog for the sake of blogging and to make sure their blog is free from spelling mistake at the least. I think blogging should have a meaning to not only the blogger but also to the reader, or the reader will cease to follow the blog they have read. Personally I believe blogging is to vent frustrations people face in life, or attempt to persuade people to their point-of-view on a subject (such as politics and other "hot topics"). 

I am looking forward to getting feedback on my blogs and improving my written communication through blogging. I am always looking to improve on any skills that are vital to business (my major) and I believe written communication is key. I feel that people should be open minded to any form of communication and if something is not working, then it is the responsibility of that individual to do or say something about the problem. We all can use help in bettering our communication skills, whether verbal or written, and the only way to do that, in my opinion, is to interact with various kinds of people who all have different skill sets. 

Blogging for Once

So this will be my first blog and I am very excited about it. My life is quite busy so I hope to keep up with this. I have 18 credit hours in college, I have a 5 month old puppy (with way too much energy), a long-term boyfriend I live with, and a job at a law firm. Time management is a skill I needed to learn early. That is a nice little blurb about me. Can any one relate to being so busy they feel if they miss a day the world will fall apart? I'd love to talk to those who are crazy busy like me.