Thursday, March 20, 2014

My experience with the Photo Essay

The photo essay has been difficult but enjoyable for me because I like to take pictures. Finding the correct pictures has been a challenge because my topic for my research paper has been about exoplanets. I cannot photograph exoplanets with my camera and I do not have the time nor the money to visit the planetarium. Therefore, I have decided to look at the things people need on earth to survive and then those resources need to also be on the exoplanet scientists propose humans move to. I want this essay to make people feel a responsibility to the environment and then maybe we wouldn't have to go through the process of long-term space travel and anything else that has to do with moving planets. This is not science fiction, but a reality that is upon the future generations of earth.
My pictures have to include water, atmosphere, and food of some sort for people to survive. I am taking it back to nature, but the time it takes to get nature to cooperate is not something I have time for right now. I am in the middle of finishing one job and going to another (which is in a totally different industry and I'm nervous) and I also have other papers and homework for my other classes. I have a test to take this weekend for an online class that has been a nightmare, not to mention the other homework associated with that class. I understand why we are assigned this assignment, but I wish it was not so time intensive for the photo part. I am a paper writer from the moment I got out of sophomore English. I can bust papers out like no ones business, but this essay it more time intensive and it is just something I was not expecting for this class. Everyone I talked to about CWII said it was paper intensive and that I need to make time to write the papers... Well I have made time to write papers, not take pictures and analyze how my audience will look at them. The whole argument thing in the pictures I think is the most difficult. Because in any context these pictures are just representations of nature and I am going to rely on my captions to really do the arguing for me.
The narrative part of it I still have yet to do, but again I have no problem with writing text... I worried about my perfectionism getting in the way for my pictures. I want to get the pathos argument, but logos is a better way to go. To do that, I will need to do additional research to fill in my captions to make them pertain to the argument I am trying to make. That mean more time taken from other classes and more citations for my references page.

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